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74 Bumper swap?

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I am currently finishing up on restoring my 74 Custom. All of the interior work/ body work is done and the car has been recently painted. My last issue is the bumpers. They are in less than decent condition (especially the rear). Im sure anyone with a 73/74 knows how hard a bumper for this car is to come by. I was wondering if anyone knew if a bumper would be interchangeable between a 74 Omega, Ventura, Apollo, or perhaps a GTO. If anyone has done this, seen this done, or knows if it is possible, please let me know.

Thank You,
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Hi Kyle,

Although the front bumpers are different for each car, I'm pretty sure the rear ones are the same for all X-bodies. They are year specific though and 73 & 74 are different.

So you should be able to use any 74 Nova, Omega, Ventura/GTO, or Apollo rear bumper.

Note that there were two variations on the 74 bumpers. The regular ones are all chrome with exposed (stainless capped) bolts. The deluxe bumpers have extra mounting holes for a rubber impact strip that runs across the face of the bumper, covering up the mounting bolts. Being a custom, your 74 most likely has the deluxe bumpers. But if you don't mind not having the rubber strips, a regular 74 bumper will bolt right on.
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