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73 nova with lb7 duramax diesel and 4l80 trans

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I got the car about 12 years ago when I was 15 years old bought it off the Indian reservation they had put a Ventura front cliP on it it was gutted but was a good solid body.. Started the build originally the first motor we put in it was a 385 stroker motor after a oil pumP failure that motor was pulled car sat for 3 years and now we are here with this new swap
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Here's some old pic when I got it and when we got it in primer

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DOnor motor

Smashed up truck we got out of Saskatchewan had 300,000 km on it

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That is diffenately going to be a challenge. Have you ever done the swap before??
That is diffenately going to be a challenge. Have you ever done the swap before??
he is a diesel mechanic. Should be fun and interesting.
Engine swap

These pics are a bit behind as we speak motor is in trans is mounted wiring is almOst comPlete , last night we actuall powered everything up and hooked scanner to motor to make sure all the wiring was correct and everything checked out was a big relief after probably 70 hours of building a harness and wiring

Lb7 out of the truck and washed off still ugly

Back of motor with exhaust down pipe and turbo up pipes

Car in the garage wondering how this thing is gonna fit

Trying to make fit
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More install pics

Notched and boxed the frame for clearance

Getting the angle set

Sitting in on it's own
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I still think this is going to be a wicked car man. If only you were in SoCal I would want to help.

Hey man, cool build idea! I have seen a couple camaros with 6.6's in them. It goes against every grain of hot rod sense you have unitl you think...400HP and 700LB-FT, that sounds pretty awesome! And thats just the begining of what that motor is capable of!

What if any engine modification are you planning? Whats the usage plan for the car? DD, quarter mile king, car show queen? I bet a lot of people would think it was just another LS swap on quick glance! You should run the stock engine cover, nobody would even guess 6.6, until you start it up that is! This swap is going to piss some people off...I'm subscribed! Keep up the good work.
where are you? i would like to see this machine:yes:
Should be fun

Hey cruisin I'm building the car to be a fun daily driver it was quite funny I took it out to a show unfinished the other weekend there was a pile of people that said oh that things got a LS umm but wait where's the plug wires lol the people's comments were quite entertaining as well it's very true that not many people have a understanding of what these motors are capable of its got a little bigger turbo on it and lift pump and will be running efi live tuning with there adjustable dsp5 switch turbo and tuning and lift pump should make about 550hp and between 1000 and 1100 ft lbs
More pics motor sitting in car got a bunch of new parts

Subframe connectors front discs aluminum body bushings

Unisteer rack and pinion drop spindles ( which are coming back out)

New wheels
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1100LbFt! What tires do you run out back? Cause I'm going to buy stock in that company. I have a feeling you *might* be going through a lot of rubber once that thing is done! :devil: I'll follow this build eagerly.
Turbo and lift pump

Industrial injection phat shaft 66

Air dog lift pump

Lift pump is mounted in the trunk I'm running a fuel cell

Right stuff detailing proportioning valve this one I installed and pissed fluid everywhere peeled all the paint off my frame
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Turbo manifold

All tack welded together

All tig welded
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This is such a cool idea! You have to post youtube videos of the build and the final results...i want to see 200' burnouts and rubber melting like icecream in death valley in the middle of july!

Ya it should be a real tire fryer hope to get some good videos of some burnouts probably some 50 mph roll on shredders
very cool project..going to be wicked sick on the street/strip
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