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I have a 72' Nova im putting back together and I did not take it apart. Im having trouble figuring out what I need (missing lots of stuff) and how it goes back together. Can anyone tell me where I can find some detailed info to help? Mostly I need to know what rubber I need in and around the windows and doors. Also some info about installing and adjusting the door glass would be great. These doors were gutted when I got them so I'm starting from zero. Any help you could give would have me driving this thing that much faster. Im getting close. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. :yes:

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I would start with a Factory Assembly Instruction Manual. Lots of info in this book.

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The 70 up doors are none adjustable, because of the welded hinges, with that said, new pins and bushing will help alignment along with some creative tweaking. You can use a jack and block of wood to lift the door, use caution though, because you don't want to over do it either. Typically the doors fit fairly well, but do sag over the years.

Rubber seals are pretty straight forward and basically has clips that just push in.

The vent windows are a little more involved but not overly complicated, install the crank assembly and main window first. You should be able to see where everything bolts up once it's in. Before you do bolt it in, install the vent windows with the main window as low as possible. The vent window is also straight forward to bolt in once in place.

If you run into issues, post here someone usually chimes into help. A Chilton repair manual is probably you best bet along with the Fisher Body manual.

Hopefully that gives you some in sight to get started.
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