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72 rear qtr install?

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I am ready to install the rear qtr on my 72. What do I do with the wheel well? Should I weld the qtr lip to the outer wheel house or is there another way?
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Spot Welds

You don't need the machine, but it's nice. The alternative is a series of holes, cleco size, about 3/16" drilled or punched in the fender skin. Harbor Freight has a flanging/punch that does a great job at a reasonable price, but you may be able to rent one - maybe even better. Install the holes about 1" apart, clamp and start skip welding filling each hole as you go along. This also works for welding the other seams on the panel.

Keep the metal cool by blowing cold air on the welds. You should be able to put an ungloved hand on the surface and it not be as hot as a cup of coffee. That's my son putting his son to work.

Primer & high build

painted - both sides were done the same way

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the wheel lips get holes punched about every two to two and half inches apart and then plug welded to the outer wheel house when your done you grind the plug welds down flush I don't have any pics on photobucket showing this but here is a pic showing me fitting new outer wheel house before I put the new qtr. panel on if you look closely at the rear of the lip of the second picture you can see where the welds were ground flush
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PCPETE, did you flange the original quarter and then put the skin over it?? That came out clean, I just finished mine, but butt welded the panel in.
Sorry I'm slow

I was out of town for a few days getting my youngest son packed up for a move from Spokane to League City, Texas.
Yes, we flanged wherever we could. The same tool for punching the holes has the flanging dies.
I was out of town for a few days getting my youngest son packed up for a move from Spokane to League City, Texas.
League City has actually grown up a lot over the years and is spread out pretty good. Not a bad little town. Used a machinist over there for many many years(30+). Know all that area.
yeah I lived in League City in 85 it was a small town then
72colonova, you got hijacked, sorry

Did you get the information that you need?

car_man602 & sbc1320, my son got his Masters Degree in Urban Planning and will be working for the city. His soon to be wife, like next weekend, also has her Masters in Urban Planning and is looking for a job nearby. We are excited for them, but not the 2400 miles from us.
Yes, found all of the info! Just installed the qtr today, everything turned out great. I ended up butt welding instead of the flange method.

Good on ya! We need pictures!
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