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This certainly looks to be a good buy at $16,250; but, it would have been nice if the seller listed the mileage. The car currently has a 'crate' engine, but the seller says that the original engine comes with the car. (From the attached photo, it does appear that the original carburetor/intake combo is missing...) Also, the blacked-out Rally Nova grille appears to have been changed to one from a standard Nova.

To me, all that is minor stuff if the car is as solid as advertised.

Thanks to for the info!

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Plenty of little small things wrong with the car, but it does seem to be a true Rally. Maybe the carb and air cleaner got moved over to the new crate for some reason. The crate has the right style of air cleaner on there, just can't tell if that's a 2 barrel under there. A lot of the small problems could be cleaned up as you went through the car cleaning it up and making repairs. Overall a solid buy.
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