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72 Nova Cooling Problem

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My car on a hot day won't cool, it just keeps climbing slowly, even on the freeway. Temps hit 210d so I have to pull over to let 'er cool down.

I'm running a 3 row radiator with electric fans (manual fan switch) and the combo just isn't cutting it.

Anybody used this cooling combo from Summit? How do you think it will fit/mount in the Nova?

Any other recommendations on a cooling combo?

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A friend of mine had the same issue. He ended up having to go with 4500 cfm fans and that cooled it at an idle. At cruise he found out he was running lean about 20:1 afr, he fattened up his cruise circiuts and now it is at 13.5:1 afr now it runs 180 on a 85 degree day. That fixed his issues, good luck.
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