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Okay guys, I've got the 76 in the driveway, but I've been offered a 1971 Nova. Pretty much a basket case. Needs floorpans, some work on the quarters and fenders and a few small rust spots in the trunk. There's no motor or transmission. Of course the hood will be reaplaced with a cowl iinducted hood, so I wouldn't really care that this hood has a small amount of rust along the fron edge. The interior is all there except the headliner, but of course it's not in great shape.

So basically, I would be buying a shell.

The price, $1000. The guy won't get off of this price, so I can't get it any cheaper.

What do you think, is it worth it?

I know this thread is useless without pictures, but the car is in his garage and I can't get to it before the weekend and that's when he wants to complete the sale.

So, as far I can tell, the car has good subframes, most of the sheetmetal is in good condition, all the glass is in good shape, doors are in decent shape with just a few rust spots that will need a patch. I will probably need an engine bay wiring harness, brake lines, emergency brake system, fuel lines, probably a gas tank too, some work on the fenders a llittle work on the quarters and a new grille.

Tell me I'm getting the steal of a lifetime, that this is better than finding an all original Yenko Nova in an old lady's garage.

Okay, now that I've got that out of my system, what do you think?

Jim Smith
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