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70 nova SS

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Had a '70 nova SS 396/375 B&M turbo400trans (second owner)
Had bench seats,no carpet (rubber mats) and column shifter
mods were:L-88 cam,after market intake,4:56 gear and headers
ran 12:20s on street tires (H6014s I believe)
Question is,was bench seats and column shift common for a SS ?
The guy I bought it from had ordered it the same time his buddy ordered a '70 nova w/L-88 (stripped down version/all blue)one of those COPO cars I believe and wondered if my nova could have been some special order.
Well I'm rambling so thanks for any response
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So you could get a M20 4 speed in a 250 straight six for 72?
Taz, I dug out a copy of a 69 brochure....4 speed trans was only available with the V-8 models. I would imagine that the low horse 307 and 255hp/350 might have received a Saginaw tranny and the Muncies were used on the L-48, L-34 and L-78 models. Perhaps someone has a copy of a dealer order guide for 69 and could detail the options. I would think this would have carried thru with other years. They do list a "special 3 speed" for the 350 engines...this would be the HD 3 speed Muncie which was the base std. trans for the larger V-8 applications. This is a good topic...hopefully others have some additional input.

But what about 72? I know in 73 you could get almost everything on a car without it being an SS or having a V8.
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