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70 amp alternator?

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So the charging system in my 69 nova is done, the wiring is a complete rats nest with splices and open wires. The exterior reg looks just as bad and testing the alt shows she's gone too (you ever think about goin to the guy you bought your car from and slappin him around a little bit? Cuz i get that feeling alot...) :slap:

So i order a 100 amp 1 wire alt from summit, i get it yesterday and there's a tag on it that says "70 amps idle to 2400 rpm, 100 amp 3000-3500 rpm"

Is 70 amps at idle enough?

I have a 350 sbc with a 350 trans, the only extra electrical components i have are three 2" gauges and one 5" tach. I also eventually plan on have two 2" wideband a/f ratio gauges as well.

Im basically stuck with it unless you guys think i NEED to get something bigger, cuz i dont have the money to buy another one and wait a week for my refund for this one to transfer back to my card.

Thnx guys,

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70 amps is more than the stock one at full tilt and more than enough to run what you have.
That alternator should work fine. I recently put a 1-wire 65 amp alternator on my 9-second grocery getter Nova and it works flawlessly. I run an MSD 7-AL2 ignition and a Mallory Comp 250 electric fuel pump that draws 10 amps. I checked the voltage at the trunk mounted battery with my digital multi-meter and I have 14 volts at the battery with the car idling and 13.8 volts with the headlights on and the stereo cranked. I bypassed and eliminated my factory charging wire and switched to a new 6 guage charging wire directly from the positive battery cable to the alternator. You might want to consider doing the same if your wiring is a rat's nest.
I just got a 110 amp 3 wire alternator. It will only apply 110 amps at 1200 rpm or higher. At idle or 600 RPM 65 amps are produced. You should be just fine with your new one wire. If your wiring is a mess tape or terminal connect all wires and then consider purchasing some nice wire loom to tuck them into. Can make a messy wire setup nice. Hope the best!
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Thanks guys, the alternator works flawlessly just like you all said, my headlights have never been brighter! Lol

I think they amp rateing was at alternator rpm not crank rpm. Not sure how that plays into the equation. though.
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