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I want to sell here, to a Nova guy. So this is only posted here for now. But if I don't get any replies in a reasonable amount of time, I'll post elsewhere as well.

Short version: 1970 4-door original 307 V8 car for sale. $600. That's what I paid. That's my price, even though I've improved it.
Save this car, so I don't have to part it out.
I'm moving on, so that my son can get into cars and hot-rodding. This car deserves to live, but I am moving on, one way or another. My son wants to build a car, just not the Nova.
NO ENGINE or driveshaft. I am keeping my engine. I need it for another project. The driveshaft was custom built and is useless to anyone else.
But you can have the car's original TH350 and crossmember. I am also keeping the powder-coated Oldsmobile wheels (and tires). But it will be a roller on the wheels and tires it came to me with.
I'm willing to work with someone to get it shipped.

And long version:
1970 4-door for sale, with every replacement part that I have available.
Originally a 307 / TH350 car. Manual drums.
$600 is stupid cheap. Even the front clip is worth that. The sub frame, alone, is worth at least half that.

I have two new projects in line and, as much as I love driving this car, I need it gone. I want to figure out the new puzzles, and have fun letting my son do the work for one of them.

I adapted to a 1PRMS SBC 350 and 3L80HD, but do still have the original transmission and crossmember (engine gone before I got the car).
I am keeping my 350 and the 3L80HD, and the custom driveshaft (I need it for one of the projects), but you can have the original TH350 if you want it.

I am keeping the tires and wheels currently on the car (unless you want to haggle for them), but it will have a mismatched set of tires on the wheels it came to me with.

Originally a manual steering car, converted to power steering. It has an Impala column and Chevelle steering wheel. (Wrong, but the right colors and looks cool.)
Manual brakes. I replaced everything up front, but the rears looked really good, so I left them alone. (I haven't had issues.)

Floor is rotten and hacked on the driver's side, but you get a replacement pan that I didn't get around to installing.
Driver's side quarter panel needs patched. I also have that (and drop-off panel, and more) to send with the car.
Window felts are toast, but I have a full set of replacements.
Trunk leaks, but I have a new seal.
I have bucket seat mounts and ~'67 GM bucket seat frames available (and I think '67 sliders), but the car does currently have poorly mounted Subaru buckets (from previous owner).
I have brake parts, shoes, bearings, seals, a spare HEI distributor (if wanted), steering rag joint, and more.
I have a spare front passenger door (w/ glass).
Spare tail light bucket.
Etc. Etc.

Any photos that I have may show the radio removed. I do have it and the speaker. It does go with the car. I don't know if it works.

Those that know this car also know that I added mid-'80s dealer-option cruise control from a G30, and some other quirky options. All of those are meant to be removed, unless you request they stay in/on the vehicle. None, whether installed or removed affect the car's reliability.

It's a good car that needs a little work, and/or is a good driver with an engine, driveshaft, and tires.
As said above, I can work with someone that needs it shipped.

If interested, PM me. I have more photos available, and we can also transition to email, text and/or voice calls if warranted.

*** The engine and transmission have not been removed yet. I'll get to it. I need to finish re-finishing our hardwood floors first. But I wanted to get this posted, because it's time for the 4-door to move on. If a deal is made, the car becomes the priority.

The day I bought it.
(That's the PO's 1938 Pontiac Touring Sedan, on the left. I'm trying to buy that car as a third project.)

Hauling a toilet. Note the quarter panel cancer.

Most recent.

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I was hoping you'd be in Ohio so I could grab it. Even as parts, it's worth more than what you're asking.

This should go quickly.

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Sorry, guys. I didn't see the replies here, and then had to leave town at a moment's notice. ...And then was running my butt off until now.

The car is in Southeastern Idaho.

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Engine and transmission are out.
SBC 400 that came with the car is available to go back in it with minimal negotiation, if there is interest. The 400 broke a piston skirt, scored a cylinder, and needs to be bored. It is a '72 2-bolt mains block.
The TH350 should also be rebuilt. It is the original to the car and never rebuilt, but was working when removed. (~160k miles)
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