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BIN at $135k???

There is nothing (that I can see) that warrants that kind of money. Am I missing something?? I know the seller says something about it being a COPO but I don't see anything "COPO" about it.

What I do see is lots of discrepancies concerning the restoration.

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It might have been a customer ordered car, but L78s weren't COPO unless they were multi car orders like Yenko, Gibb, etc. No sign of the mentioned build sheet showing it was a COPO. I agree there's some terrible stuff on this car. The front bumper is tilted up, trunk lid doesn't fit at driver's side C pillar, grill doesn't fit properly, no argent paint on filler panel and no black paint between lower body and rocker trim. And you'd think on an 80K car they might have taken some time to remove the remnants of the tire labels. No class here!


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I would guess that you might be paying big money for those ' dual rocker / lower side moldings .
(I've never seen those "rocker moldings" on a 69 before - - - a 68 , yes ) .
That front bumper does look bad ( alignment = tilting nose - up ) .
I'll pass - - (my 69 IS Nothing . . . but, I'll keep mine) .

I did watch " Shelby " . . . . tho . . . . looking ---------------------------------- hot .

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Random snark:
As Bob points out what's w/ the trunk lid?
Never got the crayon marks on the firewall thing (trying too hard).
Sold new cars while in college in the '60's, special ordered cars for people all the big deal.

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usually those crayon marks on parts meant there was a problem with the part. an had to go back for rework. i also see matking on the rear diff.

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Whenever I see a car priced like this, I always think of my old boss, Jack Wolfe, who owned the local Chevy dealership. Two of his favorite lines in our sales meetings were: "You'll never get it if you don't ask for it!" and "You can always come down, but you can't go back up."
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