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69 nova 230 L6 to 350 V8 conversion engine mounts

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The 230 straight six in my Nova finaly died. I loved that little engine but I decided I wanted to upgrade. So I bought a practiaclly brand new 350 from a guy. It has everything except for engine mounts. I had read online that you could reuse the ones from the straight six. Well, I compared mine and they do not work. None of the bolt holes line up. So I was wondering, If anybody knows which mounts I should buy. There are a few on Classic Industries that I was looking at but I dont know which one is the correct one that will work with my new 350. Also, I would like to know if I have to change the frame mounts as well and would I have to drill new holes for the frame mounts? The engine is out of a 1970 chevy pick up but the numbers on the block say its a 68-70 block when I looked the numbers up online. If that helps any. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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You might have to change the body and engine mounts.......

Can probably pick them up at a junk yard.... for like cheap....:yes:
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