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68 nova 396 foil badge

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Just bought a real nice passenger side 396 foil badge bezel off e-bay. It has a different number than the ones I have seen? Maybe a second design? The number on the back is 3920873 IMP.2 Or maybe someone put a 396 foil badge on another bezel? The one's I have seen Brent post had the part numbers 3921887 and 39211888. Any one have a driver side bezel they want to part with?


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Ill pull the 396 emblems off my nona, I want 350 ones, ill put the numbers up, and we will see if they are nova or Impala or whatever

I think mine be Repops

Good shape, but repops


Is the 396 foil badge worth much? I have a used one off of an Impala that is physically nice, just needs to have the black redone.
I would be interested PM me a price and picture?

Has anybody made an effort to track down when the switchover from foil to embossed happened?
69 are embossed, aleast all 3 of mine are, the earliest one is a Nov 68 built car,I think.
Here is the picture of the one from my GPCL collection that I got from an Impala a while back. The foil is a good 2 footer I'd say if you paint the black back on it.

I just searched the completed listings on ebay and found one just like this sold for 0.99 cents! It was used and a little beat up but I think it could be restored easily especially for the price it sold at.|39:1|240:1318
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