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68 nova 396 foil badge

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Just bought a real nice passenger side 396 foil badge bezel off e-bay. It has a different number than the ones I have seen? Maybe a second design? The number on the back is 3920873 IMP.2 Or maybe someone put a 396 foil badge on another bezel? The one's I have seen Brent post had the part numbers 3921887 and 39211888. Any one have a driver side bezel they want to part with?


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It had the 5800 rpm redline tach....all the other tachs are 5000...and from what I've head there are only a hundered or so ever made are are extremely rare
Oh OK, I thought that's what it was, I have one, but won't sell it.:no:

You know that was a $400+ option, right? You had to order so many other things just to get the tach, bucket seats and console, plus gauges.
What I Mean...

golden chicken lips ????? I guess you mean parts that draw $$$$ on ebay.

I sold the dash cluster out of my 69-375 hp car...Got 1800.00 PLUS shipping:D....maybe not gold..but it paid for a custom dash w/ ultra light autometer gauges and a bunch pf other stuff!!! I got some bb only brake line bracket on the front sub frame that is supposidly gold chicken lips too....make an offer ??
No, I'm not referring to Ebay was a reference to the rarity of 1968 Novas...especially the L78 models. I have all the GPCL parts I need for the moment....

Hmmmm...ya know my car has some crazy stuff....First it came from Reedman Chevy and was built in jan it was ordered......Car is a 396-375 4 speed car / 4.56's. Custom interior, aztec silver w/ black Vinyl top, delux molding,
w/ manual steering and MANUAL DISC brakes! It was purchased buy a guy named John Macchia. It raced in a/s and b/s at island dragway for many years. It switched hands a few times between the same 2 guys then I bought it in 88 from a guy who I'm still friends with. Buy the time I got it..the rear wells had been hacked and car was a 427 w glide. When I got the car $5400. There was no car BS Barret Jackson stuff.....It was a race car that I put back on the street for street and track fun. I raced the car regularly at Island from 89-94. Then I took it to Az. When I moved back to NJ I left it w/ my friend till I could do what I wanted. Well It's been back for about a year and a half now and it is finished chassis and susp. Moter is a 5?? pump gas BBC w/ a glide. It went to NovaCa1ins body shop and it is getting redone the RIGHT way..McClareen AMG Bright metallic Silver w/ new black top...If ya wanna see some pics here is the link

later augie
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Was your 69 Silver Nova with black top ever owned by Charlie Graf?
Name sounds was in Kearny for a pretty long time. It's possible that is who they bought the car from.
Do you have original paperwork from Reedman for this car?
Just the Protecto Plate..... I had more but it was lost over the years
The number on my 327 emblem is 3920873 for the drivers side, and it has a slight curve. I think the emblem started out straight and just conformed to the fender which is slightly curved.My car is a 4E built. I dont understand why the others cars got the embossed on the late cars and the novas still used the foil.:confused:

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Jeff, Thanks for looking! That is the original off your green 68 L79 car you are doing correct? So that number was put on the 68 nova not just the Chevelle!
I agree it will form to the fender just fine because the after market ones are staight and when you tighten them up they form to the fender just fine. I hope to have a matched set soon!

yes that is the bezel off my L-79 nova. Cant put the embossed ones on now! Have to find me some foils.
Dans toy box

Dans badges off the 68 ss 350 parts car:D:cool:[URL="http://
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what was the build date on the car the 350 emblems came from? I see its a different part # Than mine.
My friend just called me and said he was looking thru my old stuff and found a set of NOS foil 327 emblems in a box!!!! Man was I happy! I vagley remember buying them several years ago. I just couldnt put the embossed ones on.:)

I bet that made your day. I just bought a 3920874 off e-bay so I have a matched set now. You really can't tell the difference unless you have both bezel's side by side. Just my 2 cents.

JASON congrats on the badge Jeff thoase badges are off dans 68ss 350 car and the parts are his:yes:
thats great you found one! I started looking and found several sets of old moldings. I am trying to get all my stuff in one spot.
My bad Brent, maybe Dan can let us know. Just curious when they changed numbers.
Jeff,The foil 350 badge with original bezel came off my 12B 68 Nova SS 350 4speed car I parted out.Cars in "Cold Storage" Now.
Thanks Dan
Maybe the assy manual has some info on the bezels and the changes.
Dan,Brent, and Jeff you all have NOS foils so any of you can respond. Does the foil inserts have some sort of glue or 2 sided tape on them or are they bare and need adhesive added?

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