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68 nova 396 foil badge

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Just bought a real nice passenger side 396 foil badge bezel off e-bay. It has a different number than the ones I have seen? Maybe a second design? The number on the back is 3920873 IMP.2 Or maybe someone put a 396 foil badge on another bezel? The one's I have seen Brent post had the part numbers 3921887 and 39211888. Any one have a driver side bezel they want to part with?


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Little interesting thing I found out on a 12A 1968 Nova SS 350 4speed.When I took off the Original 350 Foil Little Chicken badges,on the back of one it had 3921888.On the back of other 307-3929993 327-3929995 350-3929997.
Hi Jason,Can you link us to the post on the DH site where I said it? I wanna know what the context of the post was?Thanks! Hey I know your real good friends with Tom Williams, did you ever get to see if his are the same exact part numbers as Chicken Lip Guru Brents Real 68 Nova 396 Badges? Does Tom's have a curve to them ? We need close up shots of them on the backside showing PN #'s and looking down to show the curve.Pretty neat stuff,love these weird 8's stuff! Any luck over at the SYC site,did they find you them badges yet??? Take care and Good Luck! Dan
Was your 69 Silver Nova with black top ever owned by Charlie Graf?
Do you have original paperwork from Reedman for this car?
Jeff,The foil 350 badge with original bezel came off my 12B 68 Nova SS 350 4speed car I parted out.Cars in "Cold Storage" Now.
Jason,Now I undestand.Ok at that time I owned 3 68 Nova SS 396 4speeds and one 68 Nova SS L48 with a L88 427 transplant.The one 06B 68 396 4 speed I no longer own .That one was Black on Black bench seat 4 speed.That car was bought by me from Somerville NJ and I sold it to a guy in Raritan NJ later on.So when I got the car back then it had repo 396 badges on it and one original 396 Foil badge in a box of parts with car.Anyway once got the car I started do research on owner history.Found the guy who owned it in the 1980's! Then as were discussing the car he mentioned he had a slight accident to the front end and thats why it had repo no foil 396 badges.It made sense why I found one 396 Foil badge in the box.This must be where I got the 873 number from on the back of that badge.Anyway that owner flew out from Colorado where he was reunited with his old car again!! Best part is he brought his old pictures of this car when he owned it!Yes he even had pictures of it when it had the accident! He did tell me he bought it from North Plainfield back then.Further reasearch by me found that it sold from Lexington Chevrolet in Clifton NJ.Dan
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Jeff,Has he pulled the badges off yet,GM part numbers? My untouched Original Body panel 44,000 mile 07C built 68 Nova SS L78 4speed still has the original 396 Foil badges.They have never been off the car.I sure at some point the 327 badges were changed,but we need more info.Since these 68 L79 327/325 HP 4 Speed Novas are soooooo rare its gonna take more info to know exactly when it happened.Good work Jeff!! Dan
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