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68 L79 Nova

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Well, I've been toying with the idea of selling my 68 L79 Nova for about a year now and I thought I'd write a post to see what you guys thought it might be worth. It's rare in that its an L79 but it also has A/C, 3 speed trans (heavy duty I think?), N34 steering wheel, rallyes, body side moldings and custom bench seat interior. It also has the auxilary lighting option for under hood and trunk area. Kind of a unique car. Needs a full resto with the worst area being the trunk and rear glass flange area. Normal rust in lower fenders, floor pans, etc. Original rear, trans, short block is a CE that was replaced within a week of new. I've talked to the original owner and the title is still in his name. Have POP, original title, body broadcast sheet and owners manual. Your thoughts on WIW would be appreciated. Car is fathom blue, black interior.


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