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67 temperature gauge

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My temperature gauge glows red after engine warms up, I have checked the water and it's running at 165. Any idea what would cause the gauge to glow??

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Not really. Is this a factory gauge or aftermarket ???

The only thing that comes to mind would be a short in the bulb socket/wiring if indeed the gauge is illuminated.

In any event, I'd have it fixed immediately before you have a fire.
I wonder if it's glowing,going,growing there is just know way of knowing! That might be a DR. SUESS quote. RICK
First I would inspect the wiring to make sure everything is still good.

The sending unit on the motor may be bad. They are normally cheap so it may make sense just to replace it. There are tests you can perform on them, but it is probably not worth the effort.

If none of that fixes the problem, look for patterns of when the light comes on. Does it only come on when the engine warms up and you are driving or sitting still? Any particular gear? Etc,, etc.
Do you mean the factory in-dash temperature light?

If so, does it glow brighter and brighter red as the engine gets warmer?

If so, your engine has a sending unit for a gauge instead of a warning light in it.
Do you mean the factory in-dash temperature light?
My temperature gauge glows red

He stated gauge - but this thread is useless (and annoying) unless he decides to review and provide more detailed info on what exactly is happening. It would seem EXTREMELY unusual for a gauge to be so hot that it's actually glowing red.
The poster may be confused between the terms 'gauge' and 'warning light.' Unless it's aftermarket, there was no temp gauge in '67s. It would be nice if after asking questions, members would keep checking the thread regularly:rolleyes:.


I am assuming it is the stock dash mounted warning lamp...the temperature sending unit should be replaced..yah, if it is a aftermarket temperature GUAGE and it glows...park it...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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