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67 SS update

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Just an update on the details of my build so far.

Currently runninng a heidt superide up front and their 4 link rear.

Changed the LS1 to a stroked LS2 427 cubes now. It runs great. The low end torque is very impresssive. Using the 4L60E that was behind the LS1.

Changed the rear shocks from the Heidt supplied non-adjustable to Afco double adjustable. All I can say is what HUGE improvement. Both rebound and compression. Went 5 inch travel and 150 lb springs. In the lower mount hole the shock is at 14". Perfect according to Afco specs.

Car pulls very straight from a stop. I'm working on a "Johnny Joint" rear 4 link bar this winter. Need some articulation. Still makes noise on every slow speed off camber turn. Lubed the snott out the bushings. Noise comes back after awhile.

I'm working on a front sway bar upgarde. With the aftermarket pan it looks like i can run a straight bar across instead of a "bent" bar in the middle.

Need to add the flow restrictor from DSE. Steering is quick using the LS pump.

I'm running a 3" exhaust from the headers to the mufflers. The Heidt trans crossmember won't clear a 3" tube. Made my own cross member that hugs the floor and dips under the trans. Any one need a cross member? It will clear 2.5".

Even with the 427 it get's 20 mpg on the highway. 16 around town.

Very fun around town.
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