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67 powerglide transmition leak HELP

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Having a real problem with fluid leaking from the speedometer connection. Not coming from around the metal insert with the O-ring. Seems to be out of the shaft around the plastic gear that drives the Speedometer. I dont remember if there was a seal that was supposed to go there or not? is there supposed to be flued in the speedometer cable but my cable is leaking? or is it just leaking from th middle of the metal insert?
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Is the fluid level in the tranny correct? Has the car been sitting for an extended period of time? If I recall correctly the cable just gets greased, no tranny fluid is fed to it. I also seem to remember there being two seals, one around the gear and one around the assembly. Quite possible something is worn or distorted causing a leak.
it has been about a month sence i started it so i will try starting it today. i put a new seal on the out side of the metal pice that goes inside the transmition but i didnt see a seal inside it. dont know if it fell out or even if there is supposed to be one in there. the tail to the gear sits inside that metal piece but not very tight so if any transmition fluid is around the gear its going to come out or start to fill up the speedometer cable. ps I HATE LEAKS!!!!!!!!!!!
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