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Hopefully Numbersguy does not mind me responding-
Today the Canadian Dollar is trading at .76 to 1 U.S. Dollar. But I would actually calculate at .70 to be safe so right there add 30% to what you paid. Shipping to a door step in Canada is a whole experience in itself with todays shipping fees plus a person would pay a brokerage fee on the import. Here in New Brunswick we pay a combined tax of 15%- on top of this anything that is imported from the U.S. but manufactured outside the U.S. is subject to another 6%.
So yeah - it costs a lot .
As an example- I ordered a third brake light for my 65 from Florida for around $35.00 U.S.- by the time I had it delivered to my door step- it was just shy of $150 Canadian. The brokerage fees alone were over $40 Canadian and the shipping was $40.
You guys live in an aftermarket paradise:cool:
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