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67 Nova Fuel Sender

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Think I need a new fuel sender, What is the quality of the after market sending units. Anyone one had any issues with certain brands or vendors.

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Nobody has bought an aftermarket sender ? :)
I went through 2 new senders. First was junk, it was made in China. It tested OK out of the tank, but in the tank it just shorted, empty register all the time. Went to the parts store and ordered one from Canadian company, came labeled made in Mexico, but it works. Only a few dollars difference in cost. 90 ohm, 66.
i've used a couple reproduction senders, no problems... know a lot of other guys who've used them also and have heard no complaints...

i don't think you should worry...
I'm seeing them made by Spectra, seems I've heard good reviews on their gas tanks. Suppose to be Canadian made tanks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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