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67 Heidt's Front End Alternator HELP!

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I was planning on running an east coast auto electric ultra mini alternator with the lower mount down near the balancer but it seems to hit the rack and pinion. What alternator/mount combos would work and are tucked away? Thanks
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What engine are you running?


Short Water Pump?

Long Water Pump?

LS1 ?

Big Block ?

Power Steering ?

A/C ?
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Small block, no a/c, electric water pump
We use Alan Grove Components mounting brackets whenever possible.
He has one designed for electric water pump and mid-mount alternator.

Check it out here:
I have the same setup as you and I run a march lower driverside mount for the alternator and it fits fine. Just have to put the motor mount bolt in from the back side is all.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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