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Putting my 66 SS back together after long drawn out resto.
Need help from fellow 66 SS owner. I have the correct screws purchased from AMK, for the main rocker panel trim, ( black heads ). Need to know what screw is used on the lower rocker panel mounting holes. Holes in lower part of rocker are bigger and look like they require a flanged head sheet metal screw. Rockers were taken off by the body shop, and of course, not sure which ones they were in the tangled wad of tape.

Would appreciate a pic of the screws in question. Again, these are the lower Rocker panel trim screws facing down, not the side mounting screws.

I have the AMK catalog, so if I can see what an original looks like, I can probably
find something that is close and that looks correct.

Thanks to anybody for any help with this.
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