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66 or 67 SS vs. Non-SS

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Just wondering.....
Say hypothetically you had a 66 or 67 non-SS and a true "118" SS. Niether of which were numbers matching cars. Both were set up the exact same, paint, motor, ect... What would the difference in values be? Is there much difference in what they are worth?
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There is always going to be an SS tax. Regardless of #'s matching being able to say SS(and be true) has got to worth a couple grand more.

Some owners of the second gen are just are very well content as is. Sedan or coupe....As long as it is second gen. The SS is my choice but that is what I have always had in Nova's. 9...66 Nova's SS {All 6 cylinders} and one 67 SS 327 4-speed. I just Love Nova's period!! :yes: :turn: :D

67 Nova Boy
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