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About to pull the trigger on brakes for my 66. I've been reading here and on a few other sites about the Ls brakes vs. C5 upgrades. However, most threads i've found are a few years old. I know the LS setup will work fine for what i need with a 12" rotor vs the 13" C5. As far as caliper spread goes, I may get into autocross in the future but I doubt i'd get heavily into it just because i dont have all that much time, so I thought the stronger C5 caliper might be a better fit.

Anyway, the reason i'm considering the C5 is the cost difference is minimal for an even larger rotor and stronger caliper. As far as clearance issues, I should be fine since I'm going to run 17" wheels. I've read on another site that using the larger C5 caliper in front with the LS rear will cause higher brake bias toward the rear and would require a proportioning valve (which I'm probably going to buy along with a Wilwood manual master cylinder).

So, does anyone here have any current experience with either of these setups.

The car is a 66HT, going to run 5.3 ls, have CBR modular front clip and CBR LS brake bracket. Thanks for any input guys.
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