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66 buckets ?

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I have what I believe to be a pair of 66 buckets but based on other threads, I want to be sure. These seats were taken out of an ex- 66 ss super stocker that my brother was working on for a friend as a bracket car. He wanted plastic buckets, so I traded for them. I had them in my 66 post car for years, so I had to drill holes in the floor to get them to fit. Not having a car to look at, I have no idea what the dimensions are for the tracks. Hole spacing, length ect. They have metal backs, and no button for the back to fold forward. The only thing I cannot figure out, is the pattern on the covers, which I can't find as an option when I look at the options for covers. Any help would appreciated. The frames,tracks are in good shape but would need new foam, covers, mabey springs? Thanks in advance for any response.:yes:
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Here is a picture of my 66 stock buckets. I hope this will help.

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Sounds like the seats definatly need upholstery and foam possibly springs? Pics would help to see the value but if you want buckets in your car i love the 66-67 seats.

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Dont have much extra time right now, but I'll try to figure out how to get some pics posted soon. I like the seats, but due to the cost of recovering, I went another route. I lucked up and found a dodge intrepid to rob the buckets, rear seat, carpet, packedge tray and seat belts for 60.00 at a u-pull it near by. Thank you poor man's interior thread...:D
If u want... Email them to me and ill post for ya.

[email protected]

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