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1965 Nova bucket seats are a one-year only design for Chevy II but the same seats were used in other models with some differences. They all fold straight forward. They do not have metal backs. Don't know where that came from? Never had push button releases either.

The Corvair seats are virtually the same as '65 SS seats and the foam and covers fit good. Just the tracks are different. Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile from the era also used similar seats that are dimensionally the same but have some minor cosmetic differences. All of these seats fold straight forward. '65 Nova seat covers will fit all of these seats better than they will fit 63-64 Nova bucket seats. A whole lot better.

I always liked the '65 bucket seats a better than the 63-64 seats although the 63-64 seats are wider and comfortable.
that is an oops: didn't read my post before actually posting.

meant to say if '65 are similar to 66-67 buckets, then it would have a metal back (metal backs, and release button on '67). That is different from both the '63 buckets he has and Corvair seats. the Corvair seats are also have stubbier seat backs--at least in regard to the foam, but maybe the frame is the same, just wanted to warn.

maybe someone can line all these seats up together some day in a photo with dimensions shown. i am only missing '65 in order to do this (since '66 and '7 only differ with the button).


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If the original question to this thread was will 65 seat covers fit a Corvair bucket the answer is YES.

I would definitely prefer the Corvair buckets to 63 Nova buckets in a '65. They are virtually identical to the '65 Nova buckets except the tracks are different.
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