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'65 hub & brakes on a '63 spindle? does it work?

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Have a 63 wagon with 4 lug. Will the hub & brakes from a 65 bolt on or is the spindle diameter different?
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Wont fit,you need 5 lug spindles which need 5 lug steering arms.Also you will need 5 lug lower arms or modify the steering stops on the 4 lug arms.
Why stay with drum ??

, Later Larry Mc
Just trying to keep the cost down..
Keeping the cost down is great, but building a car that is a nightmare to drive isn't... Save a few bucks and get good brakes.:yes:
It will not work. Best to look for 64-67 spindle/hub/brake assembly. You will also need the 5-lug lower control arms as the spindle stops are different. You can cut the spindle stop on your arms and get it to work, but doesn't contact quite correctly.

There are also disc brake kits available with spindles, both stock height and 2" drop. You would still need the 5-lug steering arms.

A word of advise: Trying to do brakes on the cheap is not always the best idea. You want to make sure you end up with a car that will stop. JMO
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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