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65 Chev II w/bb front tires rubbing

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My 65 chev II with 454 bb " horned in" is having trouble with front tires rubbing. The front end is stock and I removed the old springs (YC3792039 SBC spring?) and stock shocks. Considering QA1 coil overs $600 or BB springs with a stock shock $170. Does any one have any info on the QA1's height adjustability? With huge price difference, would BB springs give me the clearance I need? The inner fenders are all still intact and I don't want to cut anything away if I don't have to to upgrade.Any info would be appreciated thanks.Tires are 165R15 86S on Weld Alum rims. Tires are rubbing on outside against fende. Has Wild Wood disc brake kit made for car. Rubbing started ayear ago stating on passenger side, now on driver side. Have had car 13yrs added brake front and back 10yrs ago.
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where is it rubbing and what size tires/wheels are you running?what is the back space?
Wheel offset, tire diameter, caster and height all factor into tire clearance on the early Novas. 24 to 24.5 inch diameter is around max for a car that is a little lower then stock. Tires rubbing at the front is affected by caster, etc... Are you running the same wheels and tires as before with a lighter engine. Where do the tires rub.
My guess is you need to get the car aligned. On top of that the height of your tires will play into this as well. However, since it worked back when you first did this I would say the weight has played havoc on the fact just the typical engine will produce the eventual same results you are experiencing.
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