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When I bought the 67 Guide off ebay I also picked up a 65 guide. Now I have one for each of my Novas.
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And compare with build numbers taken from Chevy II Only:
RPO #OptionUnits
A01Tinted Glass – All Windows7,787
A02Tinted Glass – Windshield36,904
A33Tail Gate Window – Electric3,760
A47 (1)Custom Deluxe Rear Seat Belts106
A49Custom Deluxe Belts W/Retractors24,660
A62Less Seat Belts11,722
A64 (2)Custom Rear Seat Belts223
A66Divided Second Seat14
B02Taxi Cab Equipment148
B70Instrument Panel Pad28,748
C48Less Heater Equipment4,832
C50Rear Window Defroster164
C60Air Conditioning – Deluxe5,534
D10Arm Rest Equipment535
F40Special Front & Rear Suspension4,690
G66Air Booster Rear Shock Absorber393
G76Rear Axle – 3.36 Ratio683
G80Rear Axle – Positraction3,514
G94Rear Axle – 3.31 Ratio
G96Rear Axle – 3.55 Ratio120
J50Power Brake Equipment2,762
J65Metallic Brake Facing188
K02Fan Drive Equipment25
K24Closed Eng. Positive Vent. Type B13,985
K77A/C Generator – 55 Amp128
K79A/C Generator – 42 Amp599
K81A/C Generator – 62 Amp55
L26Engine – L6 230″23,953
L30Engine – V8 327″324
L74Engine – V8 327″ Hi Performance319
M01Heavy Duty Clutch501
M13Heavy Duty Transmission2
M20Four Speed Transmission2,014
M35Powerglide Transmission82,045
M55 (3)Trans. Oil Cooler Equipment140
N10Dual Exhaust Equipment38
N40Power Steering17,678
P01Wheel Trim Cover31,176
P02Simulated Wire Wheels – 14″1,186
(1)A47 Entered Production March, 1965
(2)A64 Entered Production March, 1965
(3)M55 Discontinued December, 1964
P19Spare Wheel Lock Equipment61
P506.00-13-4 Pr Tires – Whitewall47
P536.50-13-4 Pr Tires – Whitewall29,194
P547.00-13-4 Pr Tires – Whitewall5,164
P676.95-14-4 Pr Tires – Whitewall21,566
T60Heavy Duty Battery3,108
U03Low Note Horn887
U16Tachometer Equipment296
U60Radio – Manual19,248
U63Radio – Push Button40,430
U69Radio – Am/Fm Push Button260
U73Manual Rear Antenna15,093
U80Auxiliary Speaker2,909
V01Heavy Duty Radiator6,702
V20Front Grille Guard Equipment2,773
V32Rear Bumper Guard Equipment2,296
V55Luggage Carrier Equipment2,691
Z01Comfort & Convenience Equipment56,177
Z13Comfort & Convenience Type B1,273
758Trim – Vinyl Coated1,563
950Color Combination – Two Tone5923

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First, I find it amazing that a list like the one in post #7 exists for U.S. built cars. GM continues to insist they have no information like this. A few years ago, they gave NCRS the rights to provide build date and dealer info for certain years. Where did that come from all of a sudden? It's likely that odd bits of factory info were secreted out by employees back in the day. I'm sure that's how the hundreds of pages of 1960s GM Canada info that I have originated. Even it doesn't provide data on numbers of options installed.

In answer to the question above, my info only gives totals and no breakdown by body style within the 100 series. It shows 101 V/8 100 Series Chevy IIs in 1965 and 104 Acadian Invader V/8s. These numbers include 2 door sedans, 4 door sedans and wagons for both Chevy II and Acadian.

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