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Update on my setup i have a 64 Nova with a 383 sbc w/th350 trans i was on a budget and did not want to alot of extra money on custom lines. But most of all i did not want to cut my radiator support. I tried to find images online of something similar to my setup without custom lines.

Here is what i did-
Added 3/4 grommets with steel inserts to space out the condenser from the rad support.
Created mounts for the radiator in order to clear condenser.
Used slim flexalite fans.
Installed rubber padding so ac lines on condenser will not hit rad support.

So far i got approx 2inch clearance between water pump and fans. I had to pourchase 1 90 degree elbow fitting to connect from condenser to a 130 degree fitting on compressor. I have not yet installed these as i have to cut to fit lines.


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