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64 cowl repair

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I am new to Photobucket but will try to post my pics of the of the cowl repair work we have been doing.

We removed the Clip to install a rust free 63 clip and found the cowl area had more rust than I knew. Why do I buy my ChevyIIs in Illinois?
Guess we can't drive her by the end of April now.

Top mounting area for the drivers side inner fender. You can see that the outer most bolt is broken off and still in the firewall.

Heres the side view with the cover removed.

Everything that enters the top of the cowl ends up in the bottom.

Here I have removed the corner of the firewall this is the first of 4 layers.

Now the 2nd layer has been removed. Also I then drilled the 3rd layer to remove the 4th layer. The 4th layer is the main mounting bracket that the nuts are welded to. It is the piece seting on top. It was spot welded to the top corner of the cowl and the 3rd layer.

This is the mounting bracket. I replaced the outboard end of it and welded on one new nut before installing it back in the car.

Heres the top corner after I was done cutting out all of the bad metal.

The rust, undercoating and misc. from the diverside.

The 6 paterns I made out of posterboard for the top conner.

This shows the two pieces I installed first. This is the 2nd layer back and the edge of panel next to it.

Next I reinstalled the old front clip,the factory shimm and a washer to make up for the missing layer of firewall. With this in place to located everything I welded in the new 3rd layer and the repaired mounting bracket.

Rear view of the mounting bracket.

Top corner welded in and ground down. I can now removed the old clip again without things moving around.

Corner of firewall after welding and then grinding the places that will show when the car is together


This lower panel I made a new one of. First another posterboard patern, then made the piece and welded it in. I had a few pin holes were the toe part of the floor meets the back of the cowl side. Other than this the toe part of the floor was solid so I made this piece overlap the floor by3/4"

Another view of the bottom of the cowl area after the new lower piece was installed.

The paterns I made for the bottom panel and area next to it.

Every fathers project needs a helper. This is my 11 year old Nova nut in training. His 15 year old brother will most likely be the Nova nut that ends up with this car.

This is all the pics I have from the divers side. I am leaving the side cover off till I am done reparing the passenger side. It is in worse shape than this side. After both sides are done I will blast once more, prime, seam seal and paint before I replaced the side covers

I hope this thread can help others that need this kind of repair done.

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Thanks Greg r 63

I am startig on the pass side now it needs a lot more work. I will post Pics of it as i go. I will take more pics with more detail this time. I have seen your sticky on the kick panel area it looks good.

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