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63 wagon project HELP!

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Alright guys..
So i came upon a 63 wagon, and had a 396 big block sitting at home. So I've decided to put a 396 into the wagon since i had it. Turns out i didn't do enough research, AND it doesn't fit. I searched a web and its rare to find a big block in a chevy wagon. i'm not sure how rare it is, or just my lack of good researching. i came upon one with picks on this forum so i signed up to ask questions.
I PMed the guy and noticed he hasn't been active since January, and with out being sure he would ever come back on. I saw in the pix that i'm going to do some cuts?? get custom headers?? or something.....
just wondering if anybody has this project or knows how to do it, or what i will need to do.
is it even worth it???
should i put a different engine?
I will appreciate any help.
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your best bet would be to save some money and buy a new heidt's or TCI front sub then the BB will have no problem fitting as these sub frames have no big shock tower to mess with. But you could also put a nice small block in it which would be just as nice.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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