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63 ss h/t Oem console/shiftworks or lokar/4l60e

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I have a 63 ss h/t that was a factory l6 with a 3-spd m/t. I am currenly putting new floor boards in and removing the m/t shifter pod to make way for an a/t shifter pod, p/n# 1636g from Restoration Performance Center, as i plan to run a 5.3l lm7 with a 4l60e. Getting to the point, I want to run the stock a/t ss console because I want to run shiftworks 4l60e design. Will I be able to run the stock a/t ss console with shiftworks or lokar's 4l60e shifter and this pod even though my car was originally setup for a manual trans. console? The tunnel hasn't been altered with except for making way for the a/t pod. I still have the brackets for the stock ss m/t console. Any pics if you guys have them.
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I dont have any pics right now but I did a 700r4 for a customer and used the shiftworks shifter in the original console very tight to shift through all the gears but it worked. I was very happy with the shifter and install was pretty simple.
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