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63 ht ss/LT1/4l60e

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So I got lucky at work yesterday, managed to land an LT1, 4l60e and driveline out of a '96 impala ss with 3200 original miles on it(car was immaculate and unmolested) at the dealership I work at for 2k:D. Customer has deep pockets and went with an crate LS7 and new 4l60e swap. I Just need the harness and ecu if anyone knows of a good used one for sale. Thinking of the LT4 hot cam kit through jegs, stealth ram intake, headers and exhaust. Any other ideas appreciated. Pics and videos of your 1st gens. w/lt1's if you got them.
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Wow, you'd have been super lucky had it happened two weeks ago.. I just dumped a ton of LT1 stuff on ebay.. painless harnes, ecm, the list goes on an on..

I still have plenty of stuff you could use, i'll try to get a list together.. if you know something you need let me know..

Really wanted all this stuff to go to someone planning an LT1 retrofit in a Nova.. Hit me up, i'll hook you up if i have it..

If you want that LT4 cam you probably need to get it quick.. they are ebaying the rest of their inventory, i picked up one yesterday for 218, they only had 7 left out of 30 something so i had to grab it before they're gone!
Thanks 63ssragtop, I talked to a buddy yesterday and found out that Delta Cam in Tacoma can do a lt4 hot cam custom grind for around $120. I will be looking for the 1.6 roller rockers, springs, locks and retainers... if you got them?
yeah have some springs locks and retainers.. the rollers are going in my fastburn but the vortec heads are already setup for the lift..

Your gonnna need a lot more than that for a retrofit, fuel and electrical mostly, sumped tank, etc.. (have all that also), i was thinking of going back with regular tank now that i'm not running EFI, have no need for the sumped one.. I've got an external inline MSD pump and most of the pedal switches and stuff too.. just a matter of finding it all lol

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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