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63 - Correct Jack Questions

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I have been researching threads for over an hour and I am getting mixed signals on this question.

1. For 63 is the T-post style of bumper jack correct or is it the hollow square tube style that I am looking for?

2. Is it supposed to be dove gray or black?

3. Is the hook stamped with "CHEVY II" ?

I am sure that this is one of those items that may have carried over from previous year surplus or varied by factory location. My 63 is an Oakland car.
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here is a pic of the jack base and a '65 hook , '63 should be the same
not sure if the hook is stamped or not on the '63
I have another '63 original jack here somewhere gotta find it
tube should be galvanized metal and square
need to try to identify a stock jack handle too

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Interesting... The '63 mordoor I'm parting has a square-tube jack in it, but it also has a base plate for a T-post jack in there. I was wondering which one was right.
I dont consider myself to be a restoration nerd with the chalk marks and overspray and all that. But I do like to have the right parts in my cars, and if I have to spend the money might as well get the right one.
I was at the local Goodwill (of all places) and there was a black T-post one and it has 1966 Fullsize on the hook. It was $5 so I bought it.

This has only confused me more with a T post style being used in 66? Who knows though, it could have been thrown together by someone cleaning out dad's garage or something.

Thanks for posting those pics!
the jack that came with my 63 wagon is a t post im not sure if its original but it fits in the hanger of the spare tire well
i couldnt find any markings on the hook except a large "A" in the curve where it fits against the bumper jack part has pat pending on it.
jack and hook and i think the base were black and post may have been grey or some kind of zinc type of finish
I have been keeping my eyes out for one and then this one popped up. T-Post style. Too much $$ though for something that I would never use. :D
the ebay one looks just like mine. well if it was kinda rusty it would look just like mine
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