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Went on a little excursion today in search of some 66-67 Nova parts but once there found none but did find the following 4 cars for sale. 3 wagons and one sedan.
One of the red wagons has a V8 in it yet. Interiors are toast. But most appear complete as far as trim and other items.
I think a person could make one nice wagon out of the three and the sedan is just parts.
There is rebuilt never installed 6 with a powerglide to put in the blue car, which the father had intended to be the one to restore prior to getting ill and passing away.
These are part of a estate that the son is trying sell and told me he would only sell all 4 of them together to clean up the yard. He was pretty sure that there were titles for most of them. There are boxes of parts in all of the cars, not sure if they were for these cars or other cars. He is kind of hard to get a hold of but his phone number is 218-935-5049. He said to leave a message and he will get back to you.
He said around $1600-2000 would buy everything but you can work that out with him if you are interested.
I have no affiliation with the seller other than I had spoken via phone to his deceased dad occasionally and just met the son today.

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