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62-65 sb 327

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I don't know if this is the right place but was wondering what a 1962-65 SB 327 is worth. It is all stock.

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Probably need more details...a 327 from what kinda car? (327's werent available until 1965 or so in novas...)
Need more info......Does it have a screw on oil filter or a canister? What is the bore size.... Etc......
Oh ok. Well its in my 65 Nova but its not the original motor. I had a canister type oil filter but now has the adapter for a screw on type. Ill get the other info in a few days when I tear it down.
I had a 327 out of a 64 impala ss. It was the 250 horse without the hump heads. It sat on in the car without running for three or four years and rusted the back two cylinders up. I tore it down and had to beat those two pistons out. It was a virgin so I think if you bored it 030 it would have cleaned it out. Anyway I had it for sale in my local classifieds and the only bite I got was for 150 bucks. The guy was looking for a period correct motor for a vette. He had to find hump heads in order to make it right for his car. Your best bet I would say is research the block numbers and find out what year it is and what heads it has. If your lucky somebody might be looking for the combo you have. I didn't get much for mine but I think if I advertised it better or held out longer for better offers I might have got a little more. Good luck!!!!
If it doesn't sell for more than $300 as an assembly part it out on ebay. My predictions based on how I've done on ebay: block-$150, forged small journal crank-$150, heads-$100, pistons and rods-$75, distributor-$20, intake-$40.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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