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62 - 64 Factory photo

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Didnt know at where to post this, so I tried here ....

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looks like it has a 4 cyl with that spacer in there.....
Appears to be a '62 or early '63.......Those old assembly line photos are cool!
Very Cool, looks to be a wagon, I love vintage photos, a moment in time frozen.
Thanks 67nova73
super cool photo !!! I think it's a '62 from the trim........:D
I think it's a '62 from the trim

I would tend to agree as firewall is body color as well.

Note rear carrier on another lift in back.

Nice pic - Thanks for posting !!! :yes::thumbsup:
a 62 400 series wagon :yes: maybe its mine :rolleyes: :D

Very cool photo do you have any more? How did you come across this?

I get bored often. Surf the net and have alot of odd newsletters sent to my Email.....:bored:

Im always looking for factory photos of any makes but it has to be at least 50 years old or older... ( even with European cars )

If I find them, I post em thats a promise....:yes:

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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