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6 cyl pulleys?

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I'm new to Chevy 6 cylinders engines. My '64 sedan has a 194 ci engine. I want to add a/c but have been told that the 6 cyl pulleys are not the same as small block and may be different than other size Chevy 6's. Can anyone tell me what pullies I need for my 194?
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You'll probably have to go junkyard dogging for em. The harmonic balancer has the pulley groove made into them. So you will have to find a doubble grooved balancer and water pump pulley at least. They are out there. I found a set off a mid 60's chevy C-10 when I was looking for a replacement balancer. However the water pump pulley had a different mounting bolt pattern than my original single groove pulley. So there is also a pump difference as well. Some have a dual pattern and some don't. Mine didn't. Some later model 6 cyls had a seperate 3rd groove pulley that bolted on the balancer. I found one off an early 80's C10. I even scored the old school aftermarket compressor brackets for a saden style compressor off that same truck. So look around at later model 70's- 80's 6 cyls. The pullies should interchange with the earlier engines.
check you local CL for some one junking or selling a six banger. I've had a few that had no acc's but had dual groove pulley's on them. I'm sure you could get them off a guy for cheap who's trying to sell a junk motor. Cheap/free sixes (running and non running) are plentiful around my parts....
Thanks guys for your response and help. Greatly appreciated! Guess I'll take the water pump pulley off, make a template of the bolt pattern, and head off to the junk yard (excuse me....recycling palace).
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