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First post in the electrical section so here it goes, I'll do my best do explain.

Today I went to Auto Zone and picked up the correct bulbs 211-2 (2112) came home and installed it between the 2 prongs. The door was shut and the bulb fit, but I had no power. All other interior lights work.

There is also a loose wire running from my C pillar into the back of my trunk which is disconnected, and I have no idea where this goes.

I'm also clueless as to where my door jamb wires run too.


Thanks, 77Concours

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The dome light circuits on the Nova's work by having a constant 12 volts to one side of the interior light bulb and then the other side goes to the pin switches to where when they become grounded by opening the door(s) the lights will come on.
With other interior lights working by opening a door, then I would look at the loose wire you saw in the C pillar. Chances are it should be a twin wire with one being a white wire (which is the door jamb pin switch wire) and an orange wire (which should be the constant 12 volt supply for the light).
With a loose wire it could be a hot wire and probably protected with a fuse but I would disconnect the battery and then do repair work to the wire and then reconnect the battery back up.
On my 73 and 74 coupes the dome light wiring went into the rear taillight wiring behind the rear seat. Inside the taillight loom is an orange and a white wire which should end up into a plug behind the rear seat in the trunk area probably above the driver's rear wheel housings.

Now I also have a 77 Nova hatchback and I had some problems with it with the dome light and I never tracked down the exact problem but it was something to do with the solid wire or it's connectors they used for the run between the fuse block and the taillights (which also has the dome light wires in it). The older models before 1975 used stranded wire which seems to be better in my book. I don't know why GM went with this solid section of harness but I also saw it used in the other GM lines in the 80's. Maybe it was a cost issue.

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