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4th Gen. 78 Nova. Need to know if they would fit?!

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78 Nova rims that may fit? Wondering.

Hello 4th Generation, need to know if these rims would fit my 78 Nova. :confused: Details are they are Chevy rims but 2011 ones from an Equinox. there 17x7 and lug is 5x4.75. They look really nice and all and for that price surely there is the link of them -----> annnnd here is a website that shows there actually 07-09 rims
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The short of it is they may not fit because of backspacing. The mounting surface on the back side may be too far out and would set the wheel more towards the chassis.

This should give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

If anything, see if the seller would let you test fit. Keep in mind of your tire clearance as well.
The bolt circle is actually too small. 4.75 is 120.5 mm.
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