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492 heads

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hey gang, im back for more! i did find them 492 heads at a good deal, so i grabbed them. and no i still have not found a 8.5 rear end yet!!!!!!! but i do have a lead on one, i hope it works out for me. ive waited a long time to track it down, and its also at a good price. 200 bucks for it. wish me luck. i did in the mean time gather up some parts,nuts, bolts etc etc. but the 492 heads i couldnt pass up. they have been worked very nicely. i know its old school, and no there not vortec heads, but they will do for now!. but i believe these heads will do wonders for my 68 4 door nova. they have been ported, polished on both intake and exshuast,3 angle job, bronze guides, shaved .005 down, new Ferrea 2.02/1.60 valves,srew in studs, and guide plates. im going to run this set with my stock bottum for now till next year when i can get it bored out .30 over and toss in matching cam to go with it, rods and crank. also have the head freshened up while i wait. what you guys think? goal is to run in the mid 8's in the 1/8 mile track. and still be some what road worth. how much HP and torque do you think ill make with them heads? and, my best run is 10.300 at 57 mph with a .035 RT. and thats with 2.73 crappy gears, hehe. and falling flat on its face alittle over half way down the track. and trust me, i cant wait for a rearend with posi and gears!!!!! thanks.
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I had a 377 with 292 heads . Ported along with the Victor jr. and 750 dp carb, lunatti roller at 600 lift and 300 duration and harland sharp roller rockers. Dyno'd at 505 hp and 425 lbft. The heads were the restrictive part ( well then the carb could go bigger)
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