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406 ET on street tires?

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Have any of you run your 406s on regular street tires? What kind of ET did you get, what was the combo/build, I only got a 13.03 @ 107 with 2.20 60fts., it was in 90* temps though with DA over 5000ft., The race weight is 3200 lbs., is this a bit slow or not bad?

406, 10.4 compression
iron eagles, 200cc
510/510, 245/245 @50, 108 LSA
RPM, 750dp
1.5/8 headers

2800 stall, 4.11 gears, 255/60/15s

Pulls good to 6800
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Well for starters your DA sucked that day, so thats hurting you some there for sure. Might have been high 12's in a lower DA of say 2,000 ft or so. Hard to get a good DA during the hot summer though.

Dragtimes DA correction says that at 5000 ft your 13.03 @ 107 mph would have been a 12.41 @ 112 mph corrected. I'm not sure how accurate this calculator is though, never tested it out with real world data before.

If you hooked and got 60 fts in the 1.7 or 1.8, you'd pick up .5 or more right there easily just from your launch. That'd put you in the mid 12's easily with sticky tires.

Seems like you'd be running faster than mid 12's though with your setup, sounds meaner than my setup. Hard to say though until you hook with some good tires and better DA.

With my old setup (383 with 305 heads w/ some work done to them and a mild cam) I'd run 13.40's at 104 mph all day long in the summer heat with street tires running 60 fts of 2.2 to 2.3 for reference. I think the DA's on those runs years ago were around 2,200 ft or something.
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Back in the 90's when Terminal Island was around, I loaned a guy my slicks for a couple passes--in the mean time I made a couple passes on 275/60/15 BFG's--first pass spun bad and I forget what it ran; second pass I followed a fat tired car that did a half track burnout and ran 11.80/117. At the time, my best pass was only 11.70 on slicks!
Here is my example , 65 nova full steel with 325lb driver ( not sure what final weight was).....a 355 with fuelie heads ...i could only fit 245-60-15 tires ...with a 3.23 gear and no POSI ,i managed 13.03 @ 110mph ....I GOT tired of trying to hit 12s without a posi ,so i put in a 4.11 gear ,and slicks ! Now it ran consistent [email protected] 116mph ..
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