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4 link setup via scales

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I Welcome your feedback positive or negeative on my 4 link setup and scale readings. This car never goes out the road ,drag race only please keep this mind. Car with out driver. Lfront 866 rfront 823 lrear 644 rrear 759. with driver(240lbs)_ race gear= lfront 970 rfront 841 lrear 749 rrear 796. I set top right bar about 2.5 flats and then ran anti roll bar adjuster on right side out and until all slack was out if and added 1 flat and it only effected right rear wheel by less than 5lbs. so antiroll bar is only lightly loaded. the car weighs just under 3100, basically 632 dart block alum heads, all the stock glass and steel except hood,trunk lid and bumpers, dana 60 powerglide, 32x16 slicks with 4.30 gear. basically have 50 extra pounds on right rear tire and 130 pounds on left front. :)
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Personally, I made adjustments to my 4-link according to the track conditions - primarily small adjustments to instant center, and then anti-roll bar and passenger side upper bar pre-load based on the starting line conditions. If I went to a track that I was not familiar, I had my baseline settings and kept everything neutral and made adjustments from there. I adjusted weight bias by adjusting the springs on my coil over rear shocks and front struts.

The bias and corner weight percentages are not too bad. I would test and take copious notes on what settings yielded what results.
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