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Yesterday something fell of a truck I was passing and shattered my 2014 RAM crew cab pass rear window. Safe lite wanted 350. I called Glass America and they only charged me 200. I dropped it off this morning ands it was done by 10 am. when I picked the truck up I asked if they could check on a new windshield for my 1973 Nova. It took a few minutes but the nice lady found it available. Estimate 165 If I come get it from them, but they cant legally sell me the expoxy gasket maker stuff. $225.00 installed and they will come to my house and do it. yes on antenna and top tint stripe thing.
So I can remove my old chipped nasty windshield and repair /prep/ paint the entire channel and they will come install it.
I have shopped for this at various places, SS396, Classic industries, etc, and best price is about 165, but the shipping is 200 bucks. yeah 200. I called SS396, the item is direct delivery, so I cant go there and pick it up.
Glass America is in most states, heres a link:
and an attachment of the map of the states they service.

glass America.PNG
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