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I am cross posting this from the “Steering, Suspension and Chassis” sub forum so bear with.

Howdy all-
I need some wisdom on Competition Engineering C2101 traction bars please-

I am mocking them up on my ‘70 and I am running multi leafs, rear end is a factory multi leaf 8.5” 10 bolt out of a ‘79 Nova.
I am using Energy Suspension poly spring pads.
The destructions say to run plain nuts all the way up on the j bolts and once the bars are in place and j bolts torqued to run the nuts all the way down and tighten them against the perches. Problem is the perches are deep and narrow and there is no way you can run a nut down all the way and tighten them.
Q- Can you run them without the top nuts on the axle leg of the j bolt?

Q- I can’t run the old T-bolts in the front holes (drilled out the perch holes to 1/2”) and it says to run a 1/2” gr8 bolt instead- great plan but same problem, perch is too narrow to take a 3/4” bolt head. I guess either an Allen head or maybe find some 1/2” T-bolts?

looking for any thoughts/suggestions from those that have been there done that.

Link to directionsDirections
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