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Hello All!,

I've been running my 70 nova without a hood for a couple weeks with my new motor and Dyers 6-71 Blower. (a little background) this is a weekend driver that I take to car shows and like do enjoy and drive as much as I can, it isn't a full out drag car.

My project for the fall is to get a hood and cut a hole for the blower. I've done many searches on all of the forums that I could find but i don't believe that i could find one that brought up this question.

Steel vs. Fiberglass(full bolt on) in terms of price, and ease of cutting for the blower. My nova is a numbers matching SS, so i'm NOT going to be cutting the original hood, but I've found a steel hood in good shape for a reasonable price.

So my question is, Is it worth getting the steel hood (<$100) and cutting the hole in the hood? OR spending close to $400 dollars on a glass hood plus the cost of new hood springs... (Steel hood wins this part IMO) In terms of cutting the hole for the blower, i'd assume that fiberglass would probably take longer to cut and make look smooth..

The only thing i'm worried about is that i've have heard from some of the people that have cut their stock steel hoods and they become very flimsy and become worthless to use.. (they were not nova owners) so i'm looking to get some insight from the people that possibly have blowers and use cut out hoods.. and used their stock 3rd gen hoods and cut a hole in for their blower and have been happy with the results?

I'd prefer to go with the steel hood but if it is not going to be worth it. i don't want to spend the money and more importantly, the time to cut and fit the hood if i'm not going to be happy with the end product.

Anything will help!

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