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3rd Gen Brake Bracket Help

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Good morning fellow Nova thugs, gangsters, brothers and fellows.

Reworking the brakes on my 72 and really trying to re-use the existing brackets and brake hold down clips. I got overly eager and removed a bracket without taking photos of where it attaches and how it works.

If anyone has original or semi-original brake lines and brackets in place and can shoot a few photos for me I would appreciate it.

It’s a bracket that holds the two front brake lines vertically. It should be near your power steering box somewhere. Looks like this but I’m not sure I have this oriented correctly. The hard lines had little rubber boots on them where this clamped. Almost looked like a piece of rubber hose that was sliced to fit over the line.
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It occurred to me that the bracket actually does under the drivers side hardline bracket…the guys that have the little spike on them that locates into a hole opposite the 1/2” headed bolt.

Thank all of you who took the time to reply on this thread and post pictures and feedback.

@J Mark what a pain in the butt. I just bought a coil of 3/16 and bent it myself. It’s not perfect but it’s not terrible at all. The suckiest thing was on the passenger front wheel. I flared the end and started working towards the proportioning valve, putting the line into brackets along the way. Got across the cross member and realized I had to unbolt it all and nicely remove it and start from the top down.

I’ve got a few more cuts and flares I need to do but it’s all there. Ended up spending the latter half of the afternoon and early evening installing an amp in a VW for the woman.

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