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My builder is in the process of building a 385 inch small block. 880 block. 17.2:1 compression. JE custom pistons. RPM 4340 one piece rear seal crank. Scat 4340 H-beam rods with ARP bolts. All Pro 13* heads flowing 426 CFM. Edelbrock MOPAR big block Super Victor intake (Possibly the bottle neck). Big Stuff 3 LS1 C.O.P. ECM. Not sure on the cam specs but, I would guess a LSM cam. I'll get more specs tomorrow.

The crank is balanced to 0.10%. The balancer said he's never done one that was this balanced.

My builder is guestimating 900-950 HP, N/A. The other engine for the same guy is going to be 399.4 inches and about 1200HP. I will update as progress is made.
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